TEMETCO – ETC – Commercial Free Zone – Red Tyre Dubai

In El Aggar’s tire sector, our commitment to excellence extends across diverse realms, each contributing to our enduring legacy of success. Within the tire sector, Temetco, our esteemed mother company, proudly holds the exclusive agency for renowned brands such as Sumitomo, Nexen, JK Tyres, Triangle, BKT, and RoadX.

Our presence in tire distribution solidifies through ETC, the exclusive agent for Vikrant and Egypt’s largest distributor for TBR Pirelli. The Commercial Free Zone facilitates effortless exports to Africa, exemplifying our global reach. Meanwhile, Red Tyre Dubai serves as the gateway to trading brilliance in the Gulf region.

At El Aggar, we transcend boundaries, steering towards excellence, innovation, and success in every sector we venture into.

Why El-Aggar Auto Tires:

El-Aggar takes pride in offering an extensive selection of tire sizes to fulfill the diverse demands across all segments of the Egyptian market. Our comprehensive range of tires includes passenger tires, ultra-light truck tires, truck and commercial tires, off-the-road tires, agricultural tires, and heavy equipment tires, ensuring we meet the varied needs of our customers.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of brands to accommodate every budget and cater to all customers.

In our dedication to enhance the customer experience and commit to their satisfaction, El Aggar has established the esteemed “El-Aggar Auto Tires” retail chain. This network of chains provides all tire sizes and related services using high-tech machinery to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality. With a continually growing number of branches, we strive to be closer to you every day.