BKT Marketing Conference: 5 Days Of Expanding Horizons Through Teamwork, Sharing Strategies, Experiences and Sustainability Practices

Location: Bhuj, India

Date: 17th to 19th January 2024

Release date: 15/5/2024


– ElAggar Group recently had the opportunity to participate in a truly inspiring marketing conference hosted by BKT Tires at their impressive facility in Bhuj, India. The conference titled “Horizons,” brought together nearly 150 attendees from 44 countries. This incredible diversity enhanced a vibrant exchange of ideas and cultural experiences.

Diving Deep Into BKT’s Marketing Strategies

– The conference kicked off with a presentation from the BKT marketing team, detailing their team structure and exploring their comprehensive marketing strategies across various channels. We gained valuable insights into their approach to social media, website management, sponsorships, and offline events.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

– Following the initial presentations, attendees were divided into teams to participate in a series of engaging activities spread over two days. The first day focused on team building exercises, fostering collaboration and communication across diverse perspectives and cultures. Day two saw the teams compete in a marketing campaign competition. These activities not only emphasized the importance of teamwork but also showcased the effectiveness of BKT’s implemented marketing strategies.

Beyond Business: A Look at BKT’s Social Responsibility

– BKT always seek giving back to the community and in particular impact aspect of the trip was the visit to Akshaya Patra, a non-profit organization that BKT proudly support. Akshaya Patra provides daily meals to students to enhance the learning environment. Additionally, they offer scholarships empowering underprivileged children to pursue higher education and specialized skills training.

BKT Tires Technological capabilities:

– BKT Bhuj facility represents the state of the art in modern industrial plants. The production units are provided with modern compound mixers, advanced equipment for the production of steel rings and the latest vulcanizing presses even for large tire sizes.

– Like all BKT plants, Bhuj has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification for its Quality Management system and operates in full compliance with the highest level of international standards regarding production parameters, quality control and environmental regulations.

– The R&D Center, as talent for innovation, is one of BKT’s core competencies. The new and modern R&D Center in Bhuj hosts all facilities for developing top-of-the-range solutions. Researchers, engineers, and technicians deal with anything related to technical product development: from designing new tires, over developing new compounds, to improving product performance as well as production processes. Substantial investments in R&D are the key to success.

Commitment to Sustainability in Action:

– As BKT prioritizes sustainability in its operations. Their commitment extends far beyond words. They created a green belt spanning of nearly 4 lakh square meters, by planting trees with total 57900 trees within Bhuj plant area and 43100 trees outside the premises.

– BKT sustainability practices went far and beyond as their achievements speak for themselves. 35.10% reduction the intensity of water usage, 24.9% reduction the intensity of the GHG emissions, 27.36% reduction the intensity of energy usage and 51.30% reduction in the coal consumption intensity.

– BKT Tires has committed and dedicated huge efforts to help preserving our planet and to find more sustainable solutions.

A Conference Filled with Inspiration

– BKT Marketing Meet was full of inspiration, it was such an enriching experience on all aspects as focusing on “Horizons” was deeply effective, as all attendees expanded their professional horizons through collaboration, strategic insights and exposure to different perspectives. And what’s more, BKT commitment to social responsibility and sustainability left a long-lasting impressive impression.

– This conference was a true testament to the power of teamwork, innovation, and a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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